Sometime, somewhere, with a red scarf


On an autumn day when the sun was shining pale red, I was walking on the campus with my shoes knocking on the cold stone pavement.

Suddenly my memories of the early undergrad days came to my mind,  maybe because I will finish my master course soon.


By the way, I remember that I somehow loved to wear scarves on such a chill day, and then I realized that I don’t even know where I keep my favorite red scarf.


For classes, for club activities, or for studying in the library …. There are millions of natural reasons for undergrad students to go to the campus, and it has been an unquestionable, privileged right for them to do so. It makes my heart ache that students today under COVID-19 are not allowed to claim for the right at all.

Actually, I don’t know the real situations because I am an M.S. student in an experimental laboratory and the environment surrounding me is so luckily ideal. Anyway, the situation must be bad for those concerned since it is inevitable that national institutions such as universities make strict limitations in this COVID-19 pandemic.


Sometime, somewhere on an autumn day, when I was only a freshman or like that, I remember I believed that we could do anything, expecting only exciting things waiting for us in the future. Because we were too young and stupid?  But actually, I know it is always true that we can do anything. No matter how old you are, what color you are, or what you believe, all humans have any right to dream and discuss what you believe. The different things are, however, that they had just acquired the freedom, just jumped into society, and just experienced some kind of a big success. Furthermore, they were never criticized for devoting their young power to anything they like, never left alone for believing any kind of thing.  Even for high school students, you know, who have any options, are afraid of their potential. They have to explain their decisions to grown-ups and their decisions have to be judged by them. Well, one thing I would like to mention is, that these “rights” and “freedom” are just what I felt in my life, and therefore there is no relationship to your life at all.


With the end of my campus life just around the corner (maybe), I cannot stop thinking about such things.


Well, the turning points in my life may be always like this, and it is just that we know the day of graduation beforehand.


The master defense will definitely be held online, but how much can we substitute the numerous roles we don’t know, which have been played by the real spaces with online systems?  We have to be aware of these things and try to design new systems.


The hysterical, old campus, was standing silently there, like a river whose water is somehow not there.


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